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Add A Feedback Button To Your Blog.

Add A Feedback Button To Your Blog.

This is about adding a feedback button to your Blogger blog. This can added to other blogging platforms like WordPress, TypePad etc as well. It will float at the right-hand side of the blog, little above the "Go To Top" button. But you can always customize the position of the button according to your taste and requirement. Anytime the visitor wants to give a feedback about your blog, he/she can just click on it and give you a feedback about your blog. Feedback is very important. It a is tool to improve your blog and your blogging skills. In almost all blogs you see something called "Contact Me". It looks pretty harmless but if it is used in the right way it can be very useful. Sometimes your readers may be too lazy to go to the "Contact Me" button. Most of the time it is at the top of the blog. It goes out of sight as the reader scrolls down. But this feedback button will always remain in sight. It leaves you with a better probability that the reader will give you a feedback. Your blog runs because of your readers and if they are not happy, they wont visit again. You may or may not listen to all of them (sometimes the feedbacks may not be constructive enough to be followed), but whenever a constructive comment or feedback is given, its for your own good to follow them. And whenever you do follow some of the feedbacks do leave a comment on the blog. This will make your reader comfortable when they know that their voice is heard. So, go ahead and add it.

To embed the Feedback button, do the following:

First place the Feedback button in photobucket, picasa or any other image file sharing service. Note down the direct link of the image. You will need it later. I have used photobucket for my blog. At the end of the post there are some button images. You may choose to use them or have button images of your own.

<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:210px;right:5px;" class="feedback" href="your_contact_me_link_here" title="Send Us Your Feedback"><img src=""/></a>

The content in blue should be replaced by your respective links. In href give the url of your "Contact Me" page. For title give any relevant for your Feedback button. For img src give the direct link of your button image that you had saved before. Now go to Blogger --> Layout --> Add A Gadget --> HTML/Java Script and the paste the above piece of code after the modification. Now can you see the Feedback button. Click that and verify whether it works or not. If it takes you to your "Contact Me" page and then its perfectly done. Treat yourself for a job well done.

Here are a few Feedback button images that you can put to use.


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